What are the Most Famous and Iconic Places in Austin Texas?

What are the Most Famous and Iconic Places in Austin Texas?

  • Chris Price
  • 07/20/21

Famous Landmarks and Iconic Buildings in Austin, Texas

Texas is the second-largest state in the United States both by population and area. This state is known for several reasons including its barbeques, live music, and warm temperature. Besides its activities, Austin is also home to some exceptional buildings with unique modern structures that have helped put Austin’s name on the map.  

While the list may be endless, we have narrowed down some of the outstanding buildings in Austin that have stood the test of time and have helped put Austin on the map.   

agent imageThe Frost Bank Tower

Since its breaking ground in 2001, the Frost Bank Tower has been a subject of talk, especially on its design. Made out of blue low e glass;  a material that only two buildings in the world are constructed in. In addition, the tower is the third tallest building. It was designed by Paine Architects and stands at 515 feet with 33 floors. The reflective blue glass exterior and crown resemble an owl when looked at from certain angles. 

The Long Centre for the Performing Arts.

agent imageFully known as the Joe R and Teresa Lozano Long Centre for the Performing Arts, it is a performance building center for the creatives that is loved and adored by many.  This building designed by Skidmore and Merrill opened in 2008 after ten years of construction.

This performance center is home to the Austin Symphony Orchestra, Ballet Austin, and The Austin Lyric Opera among many other musical groups. It also hosts a number of other artistic performances and special events from all over the world.

The building was built as a replacement for the domed Lester E. Palmer Auditorium. The developers reused most of the building materials which includes the brown and distinctive green panels that were originally on the roof but were later used as decorations on the exterior walls. Another notable feature is the ring beam exterior structure that was later used as a terrace that serves to show an excellent view of the downtown. 

 The Austin Convention Centeragent image

It is a majestic building located at the heart of Austin’s downtown. The iconic building is home to various conventions and events all around the world such as the Film festival and the South by Southwest Interactive Music. The landmark has a total of fifty-four meeting rooms and two ballrooms and a multi-level solar atrium all that are used in hosting the events. 

The building is constructed from a combination of both glass and stone. Another notable attribute of the building is that it offers a 360 virtual online tour that shows its viewers the building design and architecture. 

Moonlight Towers

Located on Guadalupe Street, the building is 165 feet tall. One of the striking features is its’ six bright lamps at the top. They were originally made from carbon arc but are now mercury vapor. The towers were brought from Detroit City and installed in Austin in the 1890s. The buildings illuminate a 1500 foot radius and were among the first street lighting programs in Austin.

agent imageThe lights are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and are also featured in contemporary pop culture moments. One of the notable movies that the landmark is featured in is Dazed and Confused. The moonlight towers have grown in popularity over the years and are particularly a favorite to visitors. 

Austin City Hall agent image

It would be impossible to talk about the Austin architectural heritage without reviewing the Austin City Hall. This is a building found in the downtown area of Austin that serves as the city’s house of government. 

Austin City Hall is constructed from Texas limestone and copper and its design is meant to reflect the unique culture of the Texas people while still being able to portray a playful and environmental-focused feel. It is home to The People’s Gallery which an exhibition is meant to celebrate local art.

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What are the Most Famous and Iconic Places in Austin Texas?
What are the Most Famous and Iconic Places in Austin Texas?
What are the Most Famous and Iconic Places in Austin Texas?
What are the Most Famous and Iconic Places in Austin Texas?
What are the Most Famous and Iconic Places in Austin Texas?

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