Walk it Out

Walk it Out

  • Chris Price
  • 03/16/21

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Be it a tenant or a first-time home purchaser, a car owner, or a commuter, this criterion is one that a number of Austinites consider. The walk-ability of a neighborhood is bound to improve the quality of life. You can simply choose to stroll to the local retail store or enjoy the feel of the sunshine on a lazy afternoon.

But as a center of all things urban in Texas, this is almost a dream. Finding a walkable neighborhood is quite the task; but not impossible. There are some neighborhoods that are fitted with sidewalks and pedestrian-friendly features and elements.

To help you out, we have outlined a number of neighborhoods you should consider in the Austin area.

Downtown Austin

agent imageIt is not a surprise that this is one of the most highly rated walkable neighborhoods in Austin. With the increase in the number of sprawling apartments and condominiums in the area, the Downtown area is complete with a street design suitable for not only pedestrians but also cyclists. It is a common sight to see Austinites walking to and from work and home. To add, the area is accessible with bus and rail stops.


agent imageWhile the Downtown area is rated highly, its vibrant nature can put off a number of locals. The area is peppered with a number of entertainment options, especially with regards to nightlife and music. For those who want a quieter option, we suggest heading to the west.

Tarrytown is an established neighborhood and comes highly recommended. It has wide sidewalks and tall, mature trees that should be perfect for a stroll at any time of day or night.  To cap off, you will enjoy beautiful, breathtaking views of the Lake as you move along the winding streets. Being away from city life, you are bound to notice a significant drop in the number of restaurants and retail shops in the area. However, the bike trails and the acres of open green space in Tarrytown make up for the difference.

Central East Austin

The neighborhood has its fair share of students from both UT and Huston-Tillotson University. You are also bound to find older Austinites who have called the area home for over 40 years. The area is also populated by young couples who are starting life.

Due to the elements mentioned above and other demographic factors, the area has an abundance of sidewalks, bike lanes and bike-share stations. You can enjoy a short walk to a variety of restaurants, stores and clubs that are a walking distance from the available housing in the neighborhood. 

West University

This is one of the more obvious selections on our list of walkable neighborhoods. By virtue of its location next to the University of Texas, it is one of the more densely populated areas. The sidewalks are more than ample to handle a higher population.

agent imageWith any of the above options, you have the option of leaving your car at home and moving on foot to your destination. 

Walk it Out
Walk it Out
Walk it Out
Walk it Out
Walk it Out

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