Using Zoom or Google Meet to Find and Purchase Real Estate

Using Zoom or Google Meet to Find and Purchase Real Estate

  • Chris Price
  • 06/15/21

agent imageUsing virtual real estate tours, or meetings and calls is one of the smartest ways to preview and find great real estate now. Thanks to many parts of the country facing a mass migration due to tax policies, the changing work environments, and political issues, now you must be faster than ever to get the best real estate when it comes up for sale in the marketplace.

The most effective way to see a number of properties in a short period is to find agents that are offering virtual visits via platforms like Zoom and Google Meet. The best-case scenario is finding a real estate agent who also has listings with virtual real estate tours online who can take you through several properties on the same call via those same virtual 360 tours. They know the property and they have access not only to the tours online but more information about each listing.

Just like any real estate offering, you will get a local home inspection completed making sure the property is in great shape and to qualify for financing on the home. The only thing that will be different is you will not have to run all around town going from listing to listing. Some savvy buyers are still going to see their top properties in person but they are quickly narrowing their list remotely with the help of virtual meetings and visits to the property.

agent imageSave Time and Money During your Search
If you do not have time to visit the property yourself, and there is not a virtual real estate tour available. Look for a real estate agent who is willing to give you a personal tour with their cell phone or other smart devices. This can make a Zoom or Google Meet call possible even when other methods are not available.

Just think about it both you and your agent can save hours of driving and time on the road. You can visit more properties virtually in an hour or two to get the feel for what you are really looking for in a market. Doing this legwork with a knowledgeable agent can mean the difference between finding that next home, or losing it by being too late.

Right now super hot real estate markets like Austin Texas, Palm Beach Florida, and other top markets in Texas and Florida are seeing homes go for more than the asking price the same day they are listed. Top neighborhoods have homes changing hands faster than ever before, and in these markets, the prices are just going up. So, the faster you can see the properties you might like, the better chance you have. Every day real estate professionals are even selling homes that someone has never seen in person pending inspections.
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Here are the things to ask for of your real estate agent, or do yourself to be ready.

  • Ask if they provide virtual home visits?
  • Ask if they have properties with 360 tours available?
  • Make sure your computer or phone has the software needed, and you have a strong internet connection available.
  • Do not hesitate to ask an agent to visit remotely with you to your preferred properties if you are seriously shopping and outside of the area at the moment.

Make sure you are pre-qualified for financing. You can get pre-qualified by online lenders and have a letter ready if you find that dream home to make an actual offer. If you need to improve your credit to qualify for better financing make sure you do the work. Being ready will show the agent you are working with that you are serious and make them more comfortable to work with you and go the extra mile. Finding your next home or property does not have to be an all-day event. Many people are visiting several properties virtually and saving hours of wasted time and effort. Once they find something they like, they can make an offer or even visit the property in person if they like. You are just changing the way you are spending your time looking for real estate.

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Things to ask your agent
It may be that the virtual tour does not show you something that is important to you. Ask your agent to look at that. There may be additional photos or information they have access to about what you are interested in. Whether this is your agent you are working with or the listing agent for the home itself, they should have access to more information on the home that you see in the listing. If for some reason they can’t answer your question on the call, they can get you the answer or information you need. Just like a visit to a property in person, you have the chance to ask any questions of the real estate professional you want. Their background and experience are what you are paying for. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

Many home buyers say that they can think of better questions during virtual visits to the property. This helps them be better informed during the home buying process. 

Common Questions People Forget to ask

  • When was the property built? Knowing the age of the home can be useful to clue you in on features and viable concerns.
  • What is the square footage of the home? It sounds silly but while it may be mentioned during the call, you should ask this question and have the answer in your notes. You should also know the asking price per square foot.
  • Are there any known issues with the home that the owners are willing to address? Sometimes there may be some minor fixes that the homeowner has not had time to address that they are making allowances for with a small budget. It can be nice to know about these ahead of time

Due to the current real estate market, other common questions may not apply. Homes in Austin Texas are selling so fast now that worrying about how long a property has been on the market may not be a concern.

Ask your real estate professional if there are any further comments that they have about the property. Since they know more about the property, there may be a detail they are aware of that you want to hear before the end of the call.agent image

Do not forget to ask for and require a home inspection even if you make an offer on the property. You want a qualified home inspector to do a full review of the property for any potential issues. Even if you are not financing the property, this is still something that every buyer should do.

Lastly, to make sure you are getting the most out of your virtual real estate experience, make sure you are using a real estate agent that

specializes in virtual tours. Look for this image or other related virtual tour images in their listings or on their website to show that they have
the skills and training for virtual tours.


Using Zoom or Google Meet to Find and Purchase Real Estate
Using Zoom or Google Meet to Find and Purchase Real Estate
Using Zoom or Google Meet to Find and Purchase Real Estate
Using Zoom or Google Meet to Find and Purchase Real Estate
Using Zoom or Google Meet to Find and Purchase Real Estate

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