Trendy Neighborhoods in Austin for Homebuyers

  • Chris Price
  • 11/11/20

Are you new to Austin? You’re going to need a place to call home. Here are the best picks from an experienced realtor. 

North Loop

Located close to the University of Texas and off I-35, this neighborhood is peppered with innovative and stylish residences meant to satisfy the tastes of the young professionals and university students who are a common sight in the area. That said, you can be assured of a fast and vibrant neighborhood that epitomizes Austin. While it is one of the less expensive neighborhoods, it does not lack in character or ambiance with leafy and paved streets that make a stroll quite the experience.  

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For the more reserved potential property buyer or renter, you need a blend of old Austin neighborhoods with new housing trends and developments. That’s exactly what you will find when you make your way to Cherrywood. The residential area has a number of charming and quaint bungalows with green and manicured lawns. 

In addition, investors have seen the extra dollar that can be earned in the area and are looking to develop duplexes and townhouses. So, it’s a mix of old and new in Cherrywood. 

Downtown Austin

Calling all urbanites in the Austin area! Both buyers and renters can enjoy the upscale, fast-paced, and urban lifestyle offered by Downtown Austin. Most of the housing available in this neighborhood is in the form of loft condominiums and apartments with an average size between 1,000 to 1,500 square feet. 

Austin is known for its rich history, culture, and nightlife and where else can this be enjoyed than right in the center of it? Owning a loft in Downtown Austin gives you access to a diverse range of options when it comes to activities. From exercise and kayaking to enjoying a night walk with your dog in the Zilker Metropolitan Park, you will have your hands full with the choices available to you. 

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If you consider yourself a maverick and lover of culture and history, then Tarrytown is the best-suited neighborhood for you. The neighborhood is highly sought after by local residents and newcomers alike. It is characterized by its uniquely styled homes between the 1930s to 1950s. Don’t let the style make you reconsider being the newest resident of the 78703 zip code. Owners in the area have started renovating their homes to ensure they adhere to county and building regulations and also to the current tastes and preferences. 

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Located in East Austin and about 5 minutes from the Downtown Area, Mueller is one of the newest developments in the city. As a result, it is rare to find stucco homes or bungalows in this area. A mix of apartments, condos, and townhouses are the more common options. Most of the area including the community service buildings and amenities are built according to a master plan that was approved almost a decade and a half ago. You should expect a well-planned community, with adequate amenities and artificial lake parks that complete the look of the modern suburb.  

Choosing a neighborhood where you can lay down roots can be quite a daunting task. There’s always so much to consider before narrowing down on that final decision. We outlined the best neighborhoods in Austin known for their unique characteristics and hope to help ease your worries about moving to a new city. If you found these tips helpful let us know and if you’re in the market for a realtor I am happy to help.

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