The Importance of a Home Inspection Service in Austin, Texas

The Importance of a Home Inspection Service in Austin, Texas

  • Chris Price
  • 12/8/21

The Importance of a Home Inspection Service in Austin, Texas

Do you need a home inspection service before you make that final decision? To help you make that VERY important decision, the team at Chris Price Realty offers its take.  

Condition of the property 

A home inspection offers you an in-depth analysis of the condition of the property and of its systems. A property may look all glossy and beautiful on the outside but may have structural defects. Landlords may not be able to detect such defects since they don’t have the expertise or experience. 

The home inspection report will also recommend any repairs or renovations that you will need to make the property habitable. From the results of the report, you can choose to walk away or go ahead with the purchase. 

Any Illegalities 

As a potential property owner, you should be made aware that property is one of the most regulated sectors of the economy. This also applies to the structure developed on the parcel of land. The development must adhere to local, state and federal laws on construction. 

The home inspection will reveal whether the rooms, basement, roof, and/or attic comply with code and where the improvements in the garage are permitted. Illegalities will have an effect on the value, insurance, and usability of the property. 

Remember, if the room/ space in question is illegal, you will be purchasing for something that does not legally exist. 


A home inspection service protects you when carrying out a property purchase. While a seller might offer you the information they have on the property and its systems, they might not have sufficient knowledge or pertinent information. As long as they have not withheld any information from the buyer, they can’t be held liable. 

To protect yourself as the buyer, consider the services of a home buyer. 

A Tool for Negotiation 

When the term negotiation comes in the purchase/ sale of property, most people’s minds drift towards the price of the house. Any provision of the property is up for negotiation. The report from the home inspection can give you the leverage you need as a home buyer. 

Based on the inspection report, you can request a price reduction from the seller. The report can also give you the validation to request repairs or renovations to the property. To understand what other items you can negotiate on, you might need the services of an experienced brokerage firm in Austin to guide you. 

Projection of Future Costs

As earlier stated, the home inspection report will detail the repairs and renovations that you will need to improve. It might be the installation of a new HVAC system, plumbing system, or a new boiler. 

With this information, you can project this information against other options in the market to get the best possible deal.  


With the information offered above, you can come to appreciate the intricacies that come with property purchases. If you are looking to purchase property in Austin, call upon the leading real estate brokerage and investment company, Chris Price Realty. 

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