The Best Thanksgiving Deals and Dinners in Austin

The Best Thanksgiving Deals and Dinners in Austin

  • Chris Price
  • 11/9/21

The Best Thanksgiving Deals and Dinners in Austin

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us! And it is that time of the year where we get to give thanks and be grateful. Once again, we will be in the company of family and friends. And once again, we will be able to share some delicious turkey.  

But one thing must be said. Preparation and cooking of that turkey is tedious and taxing work, especially when you consider you are cooking for tens of people. While it may be an American tradition, it has the potential of being quite the hassle. 

If you are thinking of going stress-free this Thanksgiving, this article is just for you. The team from Chris Price Realty, the premier property partner in Austin has prepared some places that you might want to visit. 

Lee’s Meat Market 

One of the first options to come to mind is Lee’s Meat Market. The Mom and Pop Store has a range of cuisines that are available. From creative casseroles, veggie platters, specialty meats and cheese plates, this option has it all. Austinites can also choose from a dinner package or a feast package that can feed up to 12 people. 

With the effect of the pandemic, Lee’s also offers to deliver this beautiful meal to your doorstep. 

Lee's Meat Market 1601 W 38th St Austin, TX Meat Retail - MapQuest


If you want to enjoy your Thanksgiving feast with a new twist to it, we recommend that you try out Aba. The restaurant has Mediterranean roots and the same is embedded in all of their menu items. Why not enjoy your turkey roast with a plate of Pumpkin Hummus, Beef Tenderloin Kebab or Green Beans with Almonds and Mushroom Aioli? 

The different menu items can be ordered for two, four or six guests. 


Hoover’s cooking 

On the east side of Austin, we have a local favorite that blends together several cuisines, not excluding Tex-Mex, Cajun, barbeque and Southern comfort food. You have the option of either ordering takeout by the plate or request for a catering service. There is also the option of choosing a la carte that comes with a whole turkey. 

Lick Honest Ice Creams  

Is there a better dessert than some cold and tasty ice cream? It is the best way to end a good meal with family and friends. Order a scoop or two from the number one ice cream shop in the city to serve with your pumpkin pie. You can also choose to order online and pick it up as you move around the city for your other errands. 

Texas-based Lick Honest Ice Creams named best in Texas by Food & Wine  Magazine | Flavor | San Antonio | San Antonio Current

Bakery Lorraine 

While we are on the subject of desserts, we should mention the local sensational bakery, Bakery Lorraine. What you should consider asking for when you have walked through their doors is their legendary Dutch apple pie. This particular menu item features about five different apple varieties. Other recommended options include their Jack Daniel’s Pecan Pie and their roasted pumpkin pie. 


San Antonio's Best Bakeries: Bakery Lorraine

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