How to Increase the Rental Yield of your Austin Property

How to Increase the Rental Yield of your Austin Property

  • Chris Price
  • 04/15/22

How to Increase the Rental Yield of your Austin Property

Increasing the rental yield of your property can seem an impossible feat to reach or result to achieve yet other people are doing it with a great sense of urgency and success that you can never imagine. It is great that you want to attain this particular goal and nail in a few more Benjamins in your pocket. 

But the goal of any good landlord is that they ought to have an artist’s ambition paired with an engineers’ mindset. This means that you have to realize that life is no movie and you have to have something more concrete. 

Bolstering up your rent spells that your design ought to go up. The details of the design are not only on how it looks and how it feels but also on the mechanical aspect of the property. This means you also have to improve the functionality of your home. Think of your Austin property as a machine. You want it to look and feel better but also perform better. 

In this blog, we will be tackling ways in which you can make those three traits better than your competition.

1. Keep the Interiors Looking Fresh

Think of potential tenants that you are trying to persuade to higher negotiations as the first-ever date that you will have with a hot bombshell of a woman. It’s all about how the other party will perceive it. What will the see, hear, feel, touch, or smell count? It’s easy to dismiss this factor because you want the money after all. However, this is about the renter and not you.  

It's a simple yet powerful tool that can create a lasting impression on your tenant and tell them about what you are made of. A fresh coat of paint and little maintenance work doesn’t hurt. Making an offer in such circumstances definitely increases the odds by a larger sum than living things untouched or unimproved.

2. Tighten up your outgoings

It’s easy to say that you are earning less but not ask what your expenses are. It usually is a pain to sort out paperwork for property taxes, utility contracts, mortgage deals, and insurance deals but it pays off if you keep a good track of the cost of where your money goes.

If you get to reduce this and cut out the taxes owed, “magically” your rental earnings will rise.

3. Invest in landscaping

In the first point, we talked about the interior décor of the property. But that doesn’t mean that you neglect what it looks like from the outside. Landscaping is one of those ways to boost the look of your property. 

Any house with landscaping looks amazing and professional. A fine landscape gives your tenant the luxury to play around with their pets during their downtime and feel the grass with their feet whether they are alone or when they are hanging out with their friends and family.

With landscaping, you can charge more for your rental space. 

4. Keep your tenants happy.

People, this is including tenants, want to feel happy, safe and secure. It’s your job as a landlord or property owner to make sure that this is catered for. If it means getting an efficient and effective caretaker, then do it. It’s better for your tenants to complain less and have a better experience than what nearby properties can offer. 

You can do this by allowing your tenants to keep pets, dealing with disruptive tenants promptly, and answering their requests when they call. It can also help if you offer incentives to your tenants to help you fill vacancies.


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