How to Find the Top Mortgage Lender in your Area.

How to Find the Top Mortgage Lender in your Area.

  • Chris Price
  • 05/10/21

agent imageWhen it comes time to purchase a home, we all need to find the best lender we can. Those lenders may be found when searching for Top Mortgage Lenders in your area. As a top real estate broker in Austin, Texas (one of the top real estate markets in the country) I have certainly worked with some of the Top Mortgage Lenders, and a few ugly ducklings in lending as well.

Finding the right Lender
The key to finding a Top Mortgage Lender in any market in the country is doing your homework. What I want to do in this article is to show you what to look for in a great mortgage lender. While owning a house or any other form of real estate is every American’s dream, there are a number of issues to consider. Chief among them is the high entry costs. There are few investments in America, and the world, that are as costly as real estate. To be able to purchase them, individuals and other entities are backed by a third party. A bank or financial institution with the financial muscle will pay the entire purchase price to the seller while the buyer repays the loan over a specified period. Complete repayment of the loan results in the property being released from any encumbrances and liens. That said, it is prudent to get a reputable and recognized mortgage lender who can help you get the home of your dreams. In my experience in the Austin Market, these are Top Mortgage Lenders who provide a great level of service. This is based on my experience as a real estate professional. Please make sure you do your own due diligence and research. Top Mortgage Lenders in Austin Texas (h4) Austin Mortgage Associates At Austin Mortgage Associates, you are bound to get a wide range of financing. For the more straightforward option, you can get a conventional or jumbo loan. Government loans are also available, such as the Texas Veterans Board Loan and VA loans.

agent imageAustin Mortgage Associates is a local business located in Round Rock and has had dealings in the past in established neighborhoods such as Lakeway, Georgetown, Cedar Park, and Pflugerville. AmCap Mortgage Ltd is one of the few who has decided to specialize in a sub-market of real estate. AmCap Mortgage Ltd. Specifically deals with USDA rural development loans. Austin, like other capital cities, is a growing town that is expanding into the hinterlands. This has made rural properties a precious commodity. The US government has intentionally set out to protect and improve how rural businesses and development projects. If you are looking to get a home in the rural community of Austin, AmCap Mortgage Ltd. is the company for you. Ann Jones, For the best advice in matters real estate, you need a professional who is experienced and with a stellar reputation in the industry. That company is Ann Jones. The mortgage lender is a local business loved in Austin and has over 30 years of dealings in the real estate industry. Here, you will be assisted in purchasing, refinancing, reverse mortgages, and home equity loans among others. The company’s efforts have been recognized in the past. In 2016, the company won the Five Star Mortgage Professional Award. Lone Star Financing another local mortgage lender that comes highly recommended. The professionals have been in the mortgage business for a while and have grown both in reputation and in numbers. They have financed a number of homes all over Austin. They have an experienced team who can help you either finance the purchase of your new dream home or upgrade to that new condo you have been eyeing. Vista Lending To cap off our list, once you walk in through their doors, you are assured of a customized solution to all your mortgage needs. Mortgage lenders have at times have been accused of offering products that don’t meet a client’s needs. You will get none of that at Vista Lending. The company has been on the receiving end of some positive feedback from the community. What makes these Top Mortgage Lenders? 

agent imageFrom our observations, a great mortgage lender must do all of these things well. So these are skills to look for in your own Top Mortgage Lender anywhere in the country.

  • Knowledgeable about lending in your market
  • Great at collecting the information needed for the underwriter’s approval
  • Client focused and helpful
  • They take time to explain everything you need to do and provide
  • They put you at ease with their knowledge of the process
  • Top Mortgage Lenders are very organized

agent imageConclusion
Let’s face it, these are huge financial decisions. They can be very stressful. You need someone who knows what they are doing and who will take the time to explain what you need to know in detail. So once you find a mortgage broker, ask them to briefly explain their process to you. Let him/her know that you are nervous and would like them to give you a quick overview of what they do for their clients, and how the process works. Judge them in part on how well they answer that question. Also, feel free to call 3 or more providers and ask that same question. Then listen to their responses. A part of finding the Top Mortgage Lender for you is finding the one you are comfortable working with. It is not a bad thing that you and one lender get along better than another. We are all human, and you should feel comfortable with the person helping you through the home loan process.

With any of the above and with consideration to your taste and preference, we will be proud to welcome the youngest property owner in Austin.

How to Find the Top Mortgage Lender in your Area.
How to Find the Top Mortgage Lender in your Area.
How to Find the Top Mortgage Lender in your Area.

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