Companies Relocating to Austin

Companies Relocating to Austin

  • Chris Price
  • 05/17/22

Companies Relocating to Austin


Austin Texas is pulling in companies and tech startups from around the country. It seems as if all the companies within the U.S. fraternity want something to do with this city. The recent burst and yearning for interest have sparked some fire in the hearts of big companies like Apple, Amazon and Oracle have relocated here. This new trend has expanded Austin to limitless possibilities and opportunities that we are yet to see in any other within the U.S. The need to be within the luck and energy has brought benefits of living in a friendly environment for anyone within the area. 

It is good to know which companies are creating this buzz and keep yourself updated on whether you want to move or just tell your friend that there might be a new opening job. 

1. Tesla

Tesla Officially Moves Headquarters From California to Texas – NBC 5  Dallas-Fort Worth

In 2020, Telsa announced building the Telsa Giga Texas factor. In short, Elon together with his team has expanded to Austin and created 5000 job opportunities through the process. This is to boost their productive and creative juices for their oncoming products like Model Y and the cyber truck. If you have solid engineering and mechanical experience, then you can jump at this opportunity. 

2. Amazon Fulfillment Center

Pflugerville, Amazon announce 820K square-foot fulfillment center to open  in 2021 | KXAN Austin

This could become the best thing that could happen to Austin as it carries the highest score for job opportunities. The multibillion-dollar company will open its station in 2022. It seems that they have leased out at least 315,000 sq ft off Decker Lane. That is a huge space for a company that is already dominating the market. 

3. Samsung

The phone company has a big dream and vision. They want to build a $17 billion semiconductor production factory while there is a global shortage and supply of phones, cars, and other electronic devices. This is a lot of cash and is the largest investment Texas, Austin might have in some while. Samsung has guts and huge ambitions and wants to be built by 2022. Hopefully, by 2024 the operations will have begun for Texas and the world to feel the impact of the iconic phone company.

4. Meta Platforms, Inc. 

Meta signs historic lease in Austin, TX | ATXtoday

The California-based parent company has leased half of Sixth and Guadalupe. Zuckerberg together with his teammates is going all-in on Austin and is calling the tallest building within the area home. Meta has locked in about 589,000 square feet of office space.

5. Lakeba

This is one of the top technology companies in Australia that has experienced enormous upside once they came to Austin. Once they expanded in November 2021, it was announced that its expansion was the company’s best since it was started.

6. Tricentis

JLL, a global commercial real estate company stated that Tricentris have projected automation services in Texas once they occupied over 40,000 square feet of office space. This expansion approved them to earn the edge over their competition and to be ranked second just below Upland Corporate Center. Not only has this beefed the automation services but brought a hundred new job opportunities for people with skill and experience.


Austin is a great place to be. There is a community, energy, and as you have seen attractive options for both companies and those people who are inspired to join the corporate force. It also offers a beautiful environment, with gorgeous outdoors and like-minded people. This is not just any city but a community that you want to join.


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