Austin’s Gardening and Landscaping Stores

  • Chris Price
  • 03/9/21

Once you have settled into your new Austin home, you will start thinking about adding a bit of greenery around your house. In the past, landscaping was about aesthetics. Property owners concentrated on the beautification of their lots. However, gardening now offers much more. The summer in Central Texas can be quite brutal. You might need solace to escape from the heat. You don’t have to go all the way to McKinney Falls State Park or Mueller Lake Park. Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can relax and enjoy a cool breeze.

For all the DIY garden enthusiasts reading this article, you are in luck. There are a number of gardening stores spread throughout the city. At an affordable cost, you can set up a greenhouse or a garden bed with a variety of plants.

Hill Country Water Gardens & Nursery

agent imageLocated in Cedar Park, the nursery is one of the largest of its kind with a variety of plants and shrubs. It has been serving Central Texas and the suburbs for over 20 years. One of its popular services is its gardening consultation. They have a number of licensed and experienced professionals who can design a landscape that meets all of your specifications.

Hill Country Water Gardens also offers a number of seminars and events throughout the year. You can get contemporary and modern garden concepts that you can install.

The Natural Gardener

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If you have lived in Austin for a while, you have probably heard of this store. It is the brainchild of one famous Austinite, John Dromgoole. He has been in the frontline of all things organic and gardening since the 1990s. A number of sustainability and environmental programs in the area can attribute their success to this man.

Barton Springs Nursery

Having moved into the Austin area, you might want to fit in with the locals. Texas has a unique collection of indigenous plants. If this is your line of thought, we recommend you head over to Barton Springs Nursery. The establishment specializes in Texas plants and herbs and is perfect for locals who want to recreate a Central Texas garden or landscape.

Miguel’s Gallery and Garden

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One thing you will realize once you start gardening is that you will add in some complementary features to complete your landscape. This is a niche market that Miguel’s Gallery and Garden adequately serves. The business has been the leading supplier of pottery, landscaping accessories, and outdoor furniture since the 1990s. The accessories offered at Miguel’s are manufactured with the Southwestern climate in mind.

With any of the reputable establishments above, you can transform your landscape into a masterpiece. Your garden can be a place to refresh both your spirit and mind with the natural smell and feel of the grass on your toes. 

Austin’s Gardening and Landscaping Stores
Austin’s Gardening and Landscaping Stores
Austin’s Gardening and Landscaping Stores

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