A Fresh Start

  • Chris Price
  • 10/29/20

Relocating is one of the hardest decisions you can make. It involves uprooting all the connections and memories that you have made. All of a sudden you find yourself in a new city, where you hope to start a new life and hopefully establish a better path and life for yourself. While you might have a number of reasons for moving, Austin offers a solid solution to probably every issue giving you sleepless nights. 

Before making that final and big decision, consider the information in the article below. 

Something for everyone

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Austin has quite the diverse demographic statistics. We have the younger population who are enrolled in the different universities to the senior citizens who enjoy strolls in Mueller Lake Park. For everyone, there are affordable and adequate options that will allow you to make an informed choice with regards to housing. 

Housing is one of the key components when considering the cost of living in an area. Depending on your current income, you would want to live comfortably within your means, and that’s exactly what Austin offers. From the modest neighborhoods of Hancock and Gilando to the suburbs of Barton Hills, you will have an array of housing options to choose from. 

Welcome to the land of opportunity

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In an article and survey done by Forbes, Austin was listed as the eighth town for growth of careers and businesses. The city is well organized with proper access to amenities and utilities, granting new business owners a well-suited environment for their startups and company branches. 

The city is also lucky to be the headquarters (whether regional or corporate) for a number of industry leaders in their various fields: data management, retail, electronics, and big data management among others. The company offices of Apple, Cisco Systems, Google, Home Depot, and Oracle grace our skylines.

A Texas winter

Austin is characterized by its subtropical climate. Without going into all the geographical and meteorological terminologies, what you should have in mind is long and hot summers with very mild winters. The transitional seasons of fall and spring are quite warm. What appeals to most of our new residents in Texas are the mild winters, with relatively acceptable temperatures of about 40O F to 60O F. It’s not unusual to see people walking around in shorts and light sweaters in December and January. 

Friday nights

Others might say that they work for the paper but the truth is they work for Friday night; the time you get to unwind from the stress of work and simply enjoy yourself. And what better place for this than Austin? The music and nightlife in the city are unparalleled throughout the country, offering a number of diverse options that would cater to every possible preference. For those who love a bit of country and blues music, you will be enthralled by the trendy cowboy themed clubs and bars that will have you dancing till the wee hours of the next day.

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